There are thousands of fitness programs offered online. Some focus on strength, some on
muscle, and others on getting “ridiculously” shredded. But are these programs truly effective
for everyone? I’m no statistician, yet I’m 100% confident that the answer is no. So what’s the
alternative to average fitness programs that you and several other people have tried out
multiple times? The answer is – customized fitness programs.

Why standard programs can be problematic?

Do you like squats? Do you enjoy chicken and rice? Are you a vegan? In the end, you only have
two different ways to answer those questions: yes or no. The tricky part is, whether you
answered “no” to every question, “yes” to one question, or still can’t decide – it doesn’t matter.
Standard pre-made programs already tell you what to do from start to finish without your say-
so. In other words, if you hate squats, suck it up. It’s in the plan. If you prefer noodles over rice,
you’re out of luck. Because the plan tells you to eat rice. If you are a vegan, too bad. 90% of the
meals provided in the plan include meat or dairy products.

Do you see where I’m getting at? Of course, not all standard programs are created equally.
Some are pretty creative and versatile. For instance, my company NutriNet will be releasing its
own digital fitness program very soon. It will offer interchangeable exercises and meal plans so
that you can tailor the program to your needs. Therefore, programs that allow flexibility in
terms of fitness and nutrition plans are acceptable. However, to optimize your experience, go
for customized programs!

A personalized experience is the way to go

Simply put: customized programs allow people to work out and eat the way they want. Of
course, it’s not all fun and games. Trainers still have to ensure clients follow a good nutrition
and exercise protocol. But customized programs (aka personalized programs) ensure you follow
a routine created specifically for you based on various factors, such as height, weight, favorite
food items, least favorite exercises, etc.

Imagine getting a project engineer to create your dream house from start to finish. The same
concept can be applied to a fitness program – just on a smaller scale. Trainers, like myself, help
develop fitness programs you could only dream of. Plans that are fun, creative, and with little to
no restriction. So ignore people who tell you that you can’t eat pizza or burgers while dieting
because I got news for you: It’s possible.

When I develop programs for clients, I consider every single factor. Because for me, it’s
important to create programs they’ll love. Programs they’ll stick to. Programs they can proudly
tell their friends about. And so far, my clients have been nothing but satisfied.

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